Treatment for Headache due to TM Joint Dysfunction

Treatment of Headache

Headache can be problems within the brain or outside the brain. The reasons of outside brain are called Secondary Etiology. One among the reasons is the disorders arising from the TM Joint (Temporo Mandibular Joint) and the Muscles of the face and Neck.

Why do you get Headache from TM Joint problem?

When TM Joint becomes out of alignment due to identifiable or non identifiable casues the facial muscles come under strain. The strained muscles stimulate the nerve center in the brain,called Trigeminal  nucleus resulting in  headache. Even people with chronic vascular headache or migraine may have associated TM Joint problem which may require additional treatment.

Symptoms of Headache

Treatment for Headache

Treatment for the headache and joint pain is exclusively treated by our center as follows:

  • Medication for relaxing the muscle
  • Physical Therapy with Laser / Tens for muscle relaxation
  • Occusal Splint to correct TM Joint compression
  • Rehabilitation of Loss of Teeth

All the above methodology require to get complete relief