Endodontics deals with the treatment of diseases of the dental pulp, usually by removal of the nerve and other tissue of the pulp cavity and its replacement with a suitable filling material.


The main goal of endodontic treatment is to eliminate the bacteria from the root of the tooth. In conventional treatment, it is done by using chemicals.

Root Canal Treatment – removal of the infected pulp of the tooth and replacing it with filling material.

Laser in Endodontic Treatment


  • Total removal of bacteria from the root canal – possible only by laser
  • Effective removal of debris from entire root canal system.
  • Reduced post-operative pain and discomfort
  • Minimally invasive

Traumatic Endodontic Surgery (Apicoectomy)

Traumatic Endodontic Surgery (Apicoectomy)- surgical procedure where a tooth’s root tip is removed and filled with biocompatible material.

Dental Injuries

Trauma to the tooth can cause fracture of a crown with or without an involvement of the root. After the root canal, the crown may be treated with a composite filling material or with the ceramic crown.

Regenerative Endodontic Treatment with Endogeneous Stemcells (Biological Approch)

Regenerating the tooth nerves and the blood vessels using endogenous stemcell mobilization is possible and it is successful in many indicated cases